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  • State of the Art Technology


    State of the Art Technology

    Kerr Screw uses state-of-the-art CNC and screw machine equipment and efficient manufacturing processes to achieve total customer satisfaction, delivering value with every order.

  • Pinpoint Precision

    Aluminum End Caps - Pneumatic part with CNC machining, seven operations are down to one

    Pinpoint Precision

    Swiss screw machining is perfect for close tolerance and complex parts. Capable of running different grades of metal and plastic, Swiss Screw Machines allow engineers to explore different options to improve performance and reduce cost, while achieving a high level of detail and precision.

  • One Run and Done

    Miyano BNE51SY

    One Run and Done

    Swiss Screw machines generate the features of the part by moving the material and the tool at the same time. Kerr Screws Swiss screw machines have secondary capabilities eliminating the need to do further machining once any small parts come off of the Swiss.

Commitment to Service

ISO 9002:2008 Certified

Holding Tight Tolerance (within +/- .0001")

Low to High Volumes

Product Traceability

JIT, Blanket Orders, Kanban

Materials List

RoHS Compliant Materials

Carbon Steels

Stainless Steels







Kerr Screw

Kerr Screw

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