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In 2016 a woman from Southeast Michigan came to us with designs for a product she had been working on for the past year. Her idea was to create a portable, organized, easy-to-use container so women can have their make-up on the go without worrying about eyeliner melting or powder breaking and getting everywhere. It was also very important to her that the product be eco-friendly and made in Michigan.

She calls the product the Make-Cup, and it’s something of a passion project for Christina Bellas. Over the years spent on the road travelling for her career, she noticed how much of a hassle keeping cosmetics organized and protected was. Aside from that, cosmetic waste accounts for a large portion of landfill waste. The Make-Cup is designed to offer a clean and organized way for women to carry their refillable cosmetics with them. This will make busy women’s lives easier and help the environment.

She showed us the design and what she needed from us, and we got right to work. The Make-Cup features a magnetic swiveling artist’s palette that holds most refillable cosmetic powders. The design needed a durable and flexible three-point swivel for the rotating shelves. We manufactured the swivel piece and it is now an integral part of the Make-Cup design.

The Make-Cup is slated for a Holiday 2016 release and we hope to continue our business relationship with Make-Cup for years to come! More information about Make-Cup and availability can be found on their site: https://www.make-cup.com/

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