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Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

In 2011, Kerr Screw Products was approached by a well-known manufacturer in the shock absorber industry. They came to us with a request for a quote for a large quantity of various hydraulic shock absorbers. They needed to have the highest quality custom materials for various weights, sizes and applications. Not only did they want the best materials, they also needed to keep costs as low as possible. Kerr was able to return a quote to them that satisfied the customer’s expectations for time, amount, quality, delivery and – maybe most important of all – cost.

Kerr got right to work. We were able to utilize all of our state-of-the-art equipment, such as our Miyano BNE 51s CNC Lathe. Our facilities allowed us to maximize production at a high efficiency. We were able to finish the contract ahead of schedule and delivery was made on time. We were able to cut costs on shipping and manufacturing and delivered for a lower amount than other quotes from other manufacturers. We have since maintained a friendly relationship and continue to do business together.

Kerr Screw

Kerr Screw

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