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    Miyano BNE51SY

    State of the Art Technology

    Kerr Screw uses state-of-the-art CNC and screw machine equipment and efficient manufacturing processes to achieve total customer satisfaction, delivering value with every order.

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    Kerr Screw uses multi-axis CNC turning centers, Swiss-style CNC lathes and single spindle screw machines to produce a wide range of precision components.

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    Miyano BNE51SY

    Get It Done Right, The First Time

    We work with your engineers to develop the best manufacturing solution to your application. We build quality into the process, allowing us to get it done right the first time.

Commitment to Service

ISO 9002:2008 Certified

Holding Tight Tolerance (within +/- .0001")

Low to High Volumes

Product Traceability

JIT, Blanket Orders, Kanban

Materials List

RoHS Compliant Materials

Carbon Steels

Stainless Steels








Machine Specifications
Maximum bar diameterSP1Ø42 mm
SP2Ø34 mm (Ø42 mm/OP)
Standard machining length100 mm
Number of spindles2
Spindle speedSP16,000 min-1
SP25,000 min-1
Draw tube diameterSP1Ø42 mm
SP2Ø30 mm
Power chuck sizeSP15'
Number of turret1
Number of turret stations12
Shank size of square turning tool20 mm
Diameter of drill shankØ25 mm
Number of live tools8
Methods of live toolsSingle clutch
Tool spindle speed6,000 min-1
Rapid feed rateX1 axis20 m/min
Z1 axis20 m/min
Y1 axis12 m/min
X2 axis12 m/min
Z2 axis20 m/min
Turret slide strokeX1 axis140 mm
Z1 axis235 mm
Y1 axis±35 mm
Turret slide strokeX2 axis129 mm
Z2 axis360 mm
Spindle motorSP111/7.5 kW (15min/cont)
SP25.5/3.7 KW (15min/cont
Live tool motor1.0 kW (12Nm)
Hydraulic pump motor0.75 kW
Lubricating motor0.004 kW
Coolant motor0.18 kW
145 PSI pressure coolant motor1.0 kW (12Nm)
Turret index motor0.75 kW
Input power capacity29 KVA
VoltageAC 200/220 V
Fuse capacity100 A
Compressed air supply0.5 Mpa
Hydraulic oil tank7 L
Lubricating oil tank2 L
Coolant tank165 L
Machine height1,620 mm
Floor spaceW 2,278 x D1,450 mm
Machine weight3,000 kg
Machine SpecificationsCincom B12 Type VI
Maximum machining diameter Ø 12mm (.47")
Maximum machining length135mm (5.31") per chucking
Spindle Speed
Main100-12,000 Rotary Guide Bush 8,000 rpm)
Back100-7,000 (Rotary Guide Bush 8,000 rpm)
Rotary tool100-4,500 (Rotary Guide Bush 8,000 rpm)
Max. chuck diameter of the back spindleØ 12mm (.47")
Maximum part ejection length
when seperator function is used
80mm (3.15")
95mm, (3.74") including cut-off tool width
Number of tools to be mounted
Cutting tools5
Rotary tools3
Front drilling tools4
Back drilling tools4
Tool size
Cutting tools3/8" x 3/8" x 4-3/4"
Sleeve diameter.75"
Rapid traverse
X/Y axis21 m/min
Z axis15 m/min
A2 (Back spindle)12 m/min
Main spindle drive1.5/2.2KW
Back spindle drive0.5KW
Tool spindle drive0.4KW
Cutting oil0.18KW
Weight1,300kg (2,866 lbs)
Machine SpecificationsCincom L32 Type VII
Maximum machining diameter Ø32mm (1.25")
Maximum machining length320mm (12.5") per chucking
Maximum front drilling diameterØ12mm (.47")
Max. front tapping diameter (with tap and die)M10
Spindle through-hole diameterØ36mm (1.41")
Main spindle speed200-8,0000 min-1
Rotary tool spindle speed200-4,500 min-1
Max. chuck diameter of the back spindleØ32mm (1.25")
Maximum workpiece length for the front
side collection from the back spindle
150mm (5.9")
Back spindle speed200-7,000 min-1
Number of tools to be mountedMax. 20 tools (22 tools optional)
Turning tools on the gang tool post5
Rotary tools on the gang tool post4
Tools for front drilling on the gang tool post3 (4 optional)
Tools for back drilling on the gang tool post3 (4 optional)
Tools for back drilling on independent tool block5
Tool size
Gang tool post (tool)16x16x130mm (.63x.63x5.11")
Gang tool post (sleeve)Ø25.4mm (1")
Back tool post (sleeve)Ø25.4mm (1")
Rapid feed rate
X1, Y1, Z1, X3, Z3 axis20 m/min
Main spindle drive3.7/5.5KW
Back spindle drive1.5/2.2KW
Tool spindle drive1KW
Cutting oil0.4KW
Weight2,650kg (5,842 lbs)
Maximum machining diameter (D)Ø32mm
Maximum machining length (L)320mm/1 chucking (Z1 stroke: 325mm)2.5 D/1 chucking (Z1 stroke 85mm)
Maximum front drilling diameterØ 12mm
Maximum front tapping diameterM12 (cutting tap)
Spindle through-hole diameterØ36mm
Main spindle speed8,000 rpm6,000 rpm
Maximum drilling diameter of gang rotary toolØ10mm
Maximum tapping diameter of gang rotary toolM8 (cutting tap)
Spindle speed of gang rotary tool3-stations: max. 5,000 rpm (rating 4,000 rpm)
1-station: max. 2,500 rpm (rating 1,500 rpm)
Maximum chuck diameter of back spindleØ32mm
maximum work piece length for front side ejection150mm
Maximum drilling diameter in back spindleØ10mm
Max. tapping diameter (for back spindle)M10 (cutting tap)
Back spindle speedMax. 8,000 rpm
Number of tools to be mounted23
Turning tools on the gang tool post6
Cross rotary tools4
Tools for front drilling4
Tools for back drilling9 (4+5)
Tool size
Turning Tools (gang tool post)5/8'
SleevesØ1" (25.4mm)
Chuck and Bushing
Main spindle collet chuckTF37SP
Back spindle collect chuckTF37SP
Rotary tool collet chuckER16
Drill sleeve chuckER16
Guide bushingTD32
Rapid feed rate
X2, Y1, Z1, Z2 axes45m/min
X1 axis32m/min
Spindle drive5.5/7.5kW
Tool spindle drive1.0kW
Back spindle drive2.2/3.7kW
Coolant oil0.4kW
Lubrication oil0.003kW
Center height1,050mm
Input power capacity15kVA
Air pressure and air flow rate for pneumatic devices0.5MPa 50NI/min (max. 170NI/min) (at the time of air blow)
  • Parts Made Include

    Parts Made Include

    • Piston Rods
    • Piston Rod Positioning Bearings
    • Bearing Seal Retainers
    • Hydraulic Fittings
    • Nozzles
    • Pipe Fittings
    • Connectors
    • Spacers
    • Pull Rods
    • Rivets
    • Outer Tubes
    • Adjusters
    • Piston Heads
    • Posts
    • Housing Air Components
    • Custom Nuts
    • Custom Coils
    • Metering Tubes
  • Industries Served

    Industries Served

    • Automotive
    • Medical
    • Nuclear
    • Pneumatic
    • Pollution Control
    • Tube Fabrication
    • Automation
    • Tool & Die
    • Process Control
    • Plastic Injection Components
    • Marine
    • Industrial
    • Towing/Trailer
    • Motorsport
    • Industrial Safety
    • Metal Fabrication
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Kerr Screw

Kerr Screw

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